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Dentistry for Kids
Vancouver, WA

Young girl brushing her teeth in Vancouver, WAPeople of all ages have teeth so it should come as no surprise that people of all ages need to see their dentist on a routine basis. With this in mind, Riverstone Family Dentistry wants to take a few moments to speak with parents about dentistry for kids.

Who a Pediatric Dentist Is?

A pediatric dentist is given an additional three years of special training to care for children's teeth - up to the age of 18-years-old. When your child visits them, they'll have their teeth and gums checked to make sure there aren't any problems. This is something important to do starting 6 months after your child's first tooth erupts then following up every 6 months after that since their teeth are an important part of their smile and their ability to chew foods (especially crunchy things). All this is in addition to daily brushing and flossing that are also important to keep your teeth strong and healthy.

What's Involved with Dentistry for Kids?

Dentistry for kids makes sure that your children's teeth are developing properly as they grow older. This isn't something that your child should be afraid of. When they enter the dental exam room, they'll sit down in a big, comfortable chair that's like the one adult's sit down in for their exam.

You can explain this to your child as being a huge recliner since it'll have a headrest and plenty of room to stretch out their legs. Next, to this chair, there will be a small sink and a cup that your child will use to rinse out their mouth while their teeth are being cleaned. Once your child is comfortable in the chair, the hygienist will clean and floss their teeth. They'll also check to see if there are any cavities.

How Dentistry for Kids Treats Cavities

Unfortunately, cavities are bound to happen and when they do your child will need to return to the dental office for another, separate appointment. This visit will start with your child sitting in our dental chair. Once settled there we will give them a small shot of anesthetic. This is a medicine that will numb the entire area around their tooth.

When the tooth is numb, we will go to work. During this visit, we will use special dental tools to remove the decayed part of your child's tooth. Once all the decayed areas have been removed, we will fill it with a material that will help your tooth be strong and healthy. Typically, this material will either be tooth-colored or silver.

After we've completed the work in your child's mouth, they'll experience some numbness for a short while afterward. Make sure that your child only eats soft, warm food. They can eat directly after the work is done though.

Understanding dentistry for kids is one of the many important things parents must learn about. Call Riverstone Family Dentistry at (360) 326-1443 to schedule an appointment with us so we can work together to make sure your child has a healthy smile.
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