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Diagram of periodontitis and health toothA periodontist is someone who studies your teeth's supporting structures - including any diseases or conditions that affect them. This treatment is necessary when you're suffering from periodontal disease (a.k.a. gum disease). Riverstone Family Dentistry understands that this may make you feel a bit anxious. They also believe that if you know what periodontal care involves, you'll be able to put your fears to rest.

Home Treatments for Periodontal Disease

You'll know that you're developing periodontal disease long before you come into our office. This is because you'll have pain or tenderness in your mouth stemming from your gums being red and swollen. Your gums may even be receding or pulling away from your teeth, which will make your teeth look longer than before or they may grow further apart from one another or become loose.

The best way to prevent this from happening is to brush twice daily. Make sure you use a soft toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. It would help if you also flossed your teeth once daily.

When you Must see Your Dentist

Once you're diagnosed as having gum disease, you must see us so we can treat it successfully. Initially, we will start by treating it by conducting a special type of cleaning that's known as "scaling and root planning." We do this to remove any bacteria, plaque or tartar deposits that are on your teeth or their roots' surfaces. This will also help to prevent your teeth from decaying any further of your bones and tissues from being destroyed any more.

Unfortunately, there are sometimes when this isn't enough, and you'll need either medication or a more advanced type of periodontal cleaning known as a Periodontal/Prophylaxis cleaning. This is a way in which we can thoroughly clean your teeth and stop your gum disease and gingivitis from growing even worse.

Curing Periodontal Disease

Unfortunately, a growing number of people are suffering from periodontal disease today. This infection doesn't only get into your teeth, but it also infects your gums and bones. Once present, it won't go away on its own nor can it be cured, only treated and prevented. The condition of your periodontal disease will determine what treatment you'll need, but it's best to catch it as early as possible so it can easily be treated through scaling and root planing. This will also help to ensure that you won't lose any bone or tissue whose important job it is to hold your teeth in place.

When periodontal disease is left untreated, it will only grow worse. You'll know this is happening because you'll notice bacterial pockets forming between your gums and your teeth. These may become swollen and full of puss. It's important to get these treated, so they don't lead to arthritis, dementia, heart problems, or diabetes.

Now that you've been able to lay your anxieties to rest give Riverstone Family Dentistry a call at (360) 326-1443. Moving forward with periodontal care is the best way to restore your oral health to the best state possible. This isn't something you want to delay so make sure you give them a call today.
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